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Additional Testing Information

Fees & Timing

  • WPPSI-IV fee is $425 and testing time is around 60 minutes

  • WISC-V fee is $450 and testing time is 60-90 minutes

  • It is best to test a child in the morning when they are most alert, even if it means them missing a day or going late to their current school.

  • Please download and complete the Admission Testing Form prior to your appointment. 

The Report

  • The report will be sent directly to the parents as well as the schools.

  • After the administration, the process of scoring the test and writing the report takes two weeks.  If the report needs to be rushed to a shorter length of time, this can generally be done and the fee is $75.

  • The reports are detailed and will answer many of your questions; however, we are available to meet with you if you would like further explanation. There is an additional fee of $90 for a 30-minute consultation.

Preparing Your Child

  • Your child will be asked to participate in a series of activities that assess their cognitive and language development as well as visual perceptual/visual-motor abilities.  NO PRACTICE OR PREPARATION IS NECESSARY.  What you can do is make sure they get a good night’s rest, have breakfast, and bring a small snack they can choose to eat during a break. 

  • When discussing the appointment with your child, it is best to tell them they will be coming to the office to do “activities,” such as putting blocks together and looking at pictures. We encourage you to call the psychologist by their first name so they feel most at ease.  Younger children will get to choose a small prize after the testing. 

  • I.Q. tests are not valid if your child has taken it within the last year, but the results of previous testing are usually accepted by the schools.

  • If your child wears glasses in school, please have him/her wear them for testing

  • Medication should be taken just as on a regular school day.

Cancellation Policy

  • If the assessment is cancelled 48 hours or more in advance of the scheduled date a $50 fee will be charged. If your child is sick, please call us immediately and we will reschedule the evaluation, being sure to accommodate you.


Please contact Dr. Sarah Berger if you have additional questions or would like to set up and appointment.  Email is the best way to reach her Phone is also an option 301-501-0130.

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